WoW 3.1

by tukeztukez 13 Apr 2009 14:01

After couple bug fix versions, EnhSim now supports most of the WoW 3.1 mechanics. Most notably, Spirit Wolves are in the sim. There still might be some bugs, so let me know if you notice anything weird. Remember to include config files and all the information I need to reproduce the bug in the bug report. Thanks.

Minor and major armor debuffs changed to percentage based. Make sure you change those to correct values in your config file.

armor_debuff_major        20.0/20.0
armor_debuff_minor        5.0/5.0

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Wishes and bugs

by tukeztukez 20 Feb 2009 23:20

I made a new section for wishes and bugs to help me with the development. Now you can request a feature by creating a new wish or report a bug. You can find them under the "Development" menu.

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