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Questions about Armor Penetration usefulness on the WoW forums got me looking at the EnhSim 1.7 code. The equations for damage reduction due to armor look nothing like what has been posted by a developer in the Damage Dealer's forum of WoW.

Here is a rehash of what was posted. You can go to the DD forums and dig up the original posts for confirmation.

Step 1: ACdebuff = AC * ArPdebuff1 * ArPDebuff2 * …

AC = the armor of the mob
ArPdebuffn = the % armor reduction due to a debuff placed on the mob. For example, sunder armor.

Step2: ACcap = (ACmax + ACdebuff)/3
if ACcap > AC then ACcap = AC

ACMax = 15232.5

Step 3: ACreduction = ACcap * (ArPbuff1 + ArPbuff2 + …)

ArPbuffn = personal Armor Penetration buff, like Armor Penetration rating

Step 4: MeleeDamageFactor = ACmax / (ACmax + ACcap - ACreduction)

Dev posting has recognized that with enough armor penetration, it is possible to get over 100% damage factor. But current itemization does not make it possible. Because players are inputting these values, you probably want to cap the MeleeReductionFactor at 1.

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