Simmed Enchant Uptimes

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Enchant uptimes feel a bit off in the simulator for me, especially compared to what I'm observing in game. Here's an example from a recent run I did with CG/WD both with Berserking and 4pc T7 (100000 hr run):

flurry uptime                  85.14%
unleashed rage uptime          0.00%
elemental devastation uptime   80.77%
elemental oath uptime          0.00%

mh enchant uptime              36.68%
oh enchant uptime              26.71%

They both seem especially low to me considering Berserking lasts 15 seconds without refresh, meaning if it gets its assumed 1PPM, that even with zero haste or other special attacks it should have a theoretical 25% uptime. Granted over time some of those will be back to back or occure while a previous buff is in effect which will serve to lower the overall uptime, but with flurry, WF totem, and other haste effects the PPM should be closer to 1.7, and that's before considering LL and SS. I also realize that the fast speed of WD reduces the procs from SS and LL, but the amount shown here seems a bit extreme.

I know I see berserking up quite a bit, so much that it's more unussual to NOT have at least one buff than it is to have one, and dual berserking buffs is nowhere near uncommon so both of those uptimes feel highly suspect to me from in game observations.

It feels as if the sim isn't taking haste effects into account to boost PPM rate, and is assuming 1PPM at all times plus procs from instant attacks/WF.

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