Configuration files

Configuration files are used to define the variables, from which EnhSim simulates the combat. In config files, you define your character's stats, gear, buffs, rotation etc. among other things. This guide tries to clarify some of the options. There are couple of options, where can input 1 or 0. It basically means yes(1) and no(0). In non integer numbers, use .(dot) as delimeter, not ,(comma). Also take a look at the default config.txt for example configuration file.

There is a WoW addon, Shock And Awe by Levva, which let's you to export your character's stats to EnhSim config file format. Don't use Notepad with this functionality, because it doesn't get the newlines correctly. You can use alternatives like Wordpad, which is installed as default in every Windows.


General simulation

  • simulation_time - In hours. How many hours of combat to simulate? More hours means more accurate results.
  • simulation_time_combatlog - In minutes. How many minutes of combat to simulate when outputting the combatlog.
  • combat_length - In minutes. How many minutes does average combat last in game?
  • report_count - How many dots does EnhSim output in the progress bar.
  • threads - Number of threads to use. It is usually best to use the same number of threads as there are cores in your CPU.
  • min_lag - In milliseconds. Lag here means Internet lag(or ping) + player's reaction time. Defines the minimum lag.
  • max_lag - Maximum lag. The actual lag is randomized at every event, ranging from min_lag - max_lag.
  • simulate_mana - 1 or 0. Does EnhSim simulate mana usage and regeneration? If used, decreases speed a little.


Make sure to read the EP value guide too to understand these options.

  • ep_precision - How many decimal digits there are in EP values?
  • ep_base_stat - ap or sp. Defines which stat is the base stat for EP values.
  • ep_ap - EP attack power range.
  • ep_crit_rating - EP crit rating range and so on..
  • ep_hit_rating
  • ep_expertise - NOT rating.
  • ep_haste_rating
  • ep_armor_penetration_rating
  • ep_spellpower
  • ep_dps - Weapon's dps.
  • ep_mana
  • ep_spirit
  • ep_mp5

Rotation and miscellanous

Rotations in EnhSim are priority rotation. This means, that if we think our rotation as a list, an ability you use any given moment, is the first usable ability starting from the top of the list. Usable means, you have enough mana to use it, the ability is not on cooldown and certain conditions are met. A condition can be, for example do not cast Stormstrike if Windfury cooldown is up. In this config file section, you can build your rotation list and set some predefined conditions for the abilities.

  • mh_auto_attack - 1 or 0. Auto attack with main hand weapon?
  • oh_auto_attack - 1 or 0. Auto attack with off hand weapon?
  • wait_ss_with_wf_cd - In seconds. If there are x or less seconds left of 3s Windfury cooldown, do not use Stormstrike.
  • cast_ll_only_if_wf_on_cd - 1 or 0. Use Lava Lash only if 3s Windfury cooldown is up(to prevent off hand eating Windfury procs).
  • bloodlust_casters - 0, 1 or 2. How many Bloodlust/Heroism caster's there are in your raid? Capped to 2 because more than 2 does not affect anything.
  • sync_bloodlust_with_trinkets - 1 or 0. Use trinkets when you have Bloodlust/Heroism.
  • cast_lvb_only_if_ed_left - In seconds. Maximum seconds of Elemental Devastation buff left to cast Lava Burst.
  • cast_lvb_only_if_fsdots_left - 0-6. Maximum number of Flame Shock dot ticks left to cast Lava Burst. By default, Flame Shock has 4 dot ticks. Increased to 6 with glyph.
  • cast_lvb_only_if_fs_active - 1 or 0. Cast Lava Burst only if Flame Shock is active on the target.
  • cast_fs_only_if_dots_left - 0-6. Maximum number of Flame Shock dot ticks left to cast Flame Shock. This can be used to wait for the dots to tick before recasting Flame Shock.
  • cast_ls_only_if_charges_left - 0-9. Maximum number of Lightning Shield charges left to cast Lightning Shield.
  • cast_sr_only_if_mana_left - Maximum mana left to cast Shamanistic Rage. Can be used to prevent casting Shamanistic Rage too soon.
  • use_mana_potion_if_mana_left - Maximum mana left to use Mana potion. Can be used to prevent using Mana potion too soon. Mana potion is never used if Shamanistic Rage is active.
  • rotation_priority_count - How many rotation_priorityX options you have in your config?
  • rotation_priorityX - Replace X by the priority number.
    • SS = Stormstrike
    • FS = Flame Shock
    • ES = Earth Shock
    • Frost = Frost Shock
    • MW5_LB = Maelstrom Weapon cast Lightning Bolt, min 5 charges
    • MW3_CL = Maelstrom Weapon cast Chain Lightning, min 3 charges
    • generic form: MWx_YY, x is 1-5 and YY is either LB or CL
    • LS = Lightning Shield
    • LL = Lava Lash
    • LB = Lightning Bolt
    • CL = Chain Lighting
    • LVB = Lava Burst
    • ST = Searing Totem
    • SR = Shamanistic Rage

A rotation might look like this:

rotation_priority_count 5
rotation_priority1 SR
rotation_priority2 FS
rotation_priority3 SS
rotation_priority4 ES
rotation_priority5 LL


Boss's stats.

  • miss - In percent. Miss chance against boss.
  • dodge - In percent. Dodge chance against boss. There is no parry chance here, because it is expected that you always attack from behind where parry chance is 0%.
  • glancing - In percent. How many % of attacks are glancing blows against boss?
  • armor - Boss's armor.
  • spell_miss - In percent. Spell miss chance agains boss.
  • nature_resistance - Resistances
  • fire_resistance
  • frost_resistance
  • arcane_resistance
  • shadow_resistance


Buffs are separated in different categories to prevent using buffs, which do not stack. Some of the buffs are actually debuffs which are on the boss, thus granting you an indirect buff. General form is X/Y. X is the actual value and Y does not do anything. It is there just to remind you for example, the max value of that buff.

  • armor_debuff_major - Amount of armor.
  • armor_debuff_minor - Amount of armor.
  • physical_vulnerability_debuff - In percent. Increases physical damage.
  • melee_haste_buff - In percent. Increases melee haste.
  • melee_crit_chance_buff - In percent. Increases melee crit chance.
  • attack_power_buff_flat - Amount of attack power.
  • attack_power_buff_multiplier - Uptime of the attack power multiplier buff in percent. Assumes the buff gives 10% bonus. For example 99.7 means 99.7% of time you have 10% bonus to your attack power(9.97%).
  • spell_haste_buff - In percent. Increases spell haste.
  • spell_crit_chance_buff - In percent. Increases spell crit chance.
  • spell_crit_chance_debuff - In percent. Increases spell crit chance.
  • spell_damage_debuff - In percent. Increases spell damage.
  • spellpower_buff - Amount of spellpower.
  • spell_hit_chance_debuff - In percent. Increases spell hit chance.
  • haste_buff - In percent. Increases melee and spell haste.
  • percentage_damage_increase - In percent. Increases all damage.
  • crit_chance_debuff - In percent. Increases melee and spell crit chance.
  • stat_multiplier - In percent. Increases your basic stats. Usually 10.0(Blessing of Kings).
  • stat_add_buff - Amount to increase all basic stats.
  • agi_and_strength_buff - Amount to increase agility and strength.
  • intellect_buff - Amount of increase intelligence.
  • replenishment - 1 or 0. Do you have Replenishment?
  • water_shield - 1 or 0. Do you use Water Shield?
  • mana_spring_totem - 1 or 0. Do you have Mana Spring Totem's effect on you?
  • blessing_of_wisdom - 1 or 0. Do you have Blessing of Wisdom?
  • judgement_of_wisdom - 1 or 0. Do you have Judgement of Wisdom?


  • flask_elixir - Flask of Battle elixir to use.
  • guardian_elixir - Guardian elixir to use. You can't use flask and guardian elixir at the same time.
  • potion - Potion to use.
  • food - Food to use.
  • misc_item - Miscellanous item to use.


Everything under this can be exported with Shock And Awe.

  • race - orc, tauren, troll or draenei.
  • mh_speed - Speed of your main hand weapon. The speed which shows on the item tooltip, not the paper doll.
  • oh_speed - Speed of your off hand weapon.
  • mh_dps - Dps of your main hand weapon.
  • oh_dps - Dps of your off hand weapon.
  • mh_crit - In percent. Main hand crit chance.
  • oh_crit - In percent. Off hand crit chance.
  • mh_hit - In percent. Main hand hit chance.
  • oh_hit - In percent. Off hand hit chance.
  • mh_expertise_rating - Main hand expertise RATING.
  • oh_expertise_rating - Off hand expertise RATING.
  • ap - Attack power.
  • haste - In percent. Passive haste.
  • armor_penetration - In percent. Passive armor penetration.
  • str - Strength.
  • agi - Agility.
  • int - Intelligence.
  • spi - Spirit.
  • spellpower - Spellpower.
  • spell_crit - In percent. Spell crit chance.
  • spell_hit - In percent.Spell hit chance.
  • max_mana - Size of your mana pool.
  • mp5 - Mana regeneration per 5 seconds while casting.


You can find the supported item's in default config.txt. To generate EnhSim acceptable name from the real item name, replace spaces with underscores(_) and make all the letters lowercase. Remove all the special characters. EnhSim item names are in English. Example: Bandit's Insignia -> bandits_insignia.

  • mh_imbue - windfury or flametongue.
  • oh_imbue
  • mh_enchant
  • oh_enchant
  • mh_weapon
  • oh_weapon
  • trinket1
  • trinket2
  • totem - Totem in the totem slot.
  • set_bonus
  • metagem
  • glyph_major1 - You cannot have same glyph in multiple slots.
  • glyph_major2
  • glyph_major3
  • glyph_minor1
  • glyph_minor2
  • glyph_minor3


Talents are inputted in form X/Y. X is the rank and Y is the max rank possible.

  • ancestral_knowledge
  • improved_shields
  • mental_dexterity
  • shamanistic_focus
  • flurry
  • elemental_weapons
  • unleashed_rage
  • weapon_mastery
  • dual_wield_specialization
  • mental_quickness
  • improved_stormstrike
  • static_shock
  • maelstrom_weapon
  • convection
  • concussion
  • call_of_flame
  • elemental_devastation
  • reverberation
  • elemental_focus
  • elemental_fury
  • call_of_thunder
  • unrelenting_storm
  • elemental_precision
  • lightning_mastery
  • elemental_oath
  • lightning_overload
  • lava_flows
  • storm_earth_and_fire

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