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EnhSimGUI is a graphical user interface for EnhSim. Unfortunately, it is for Windows only. EnhSimGUI helps users to edit configuration files and use them with EnhSim. Start enhsimgui.exe to use EnhSimGUI.

  • Make sure you use enhsim.exe with EnhSimGUI. You can define the executable in the path text box. Older versions had separate executables for lvl 70(enhsim.exe) and lvl 80(enhsim_lvl80.exe). You might still have enhsim_lvl80.exe in the EnhSim directory, as a left over from older versions. Newer versions do not support lvl 70 anymore and enhsim.exe is now for lvl 80 characters.
  • If you get an error when starting EnhSimGUI, try to install this package: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86). Same package should be installed for both x86 and x64 systems.


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