Starting EnhSim

Starting from command line

This guide is for Windows. If you are using some other platform, you can still use this guide. Just replace enhsim.exe with your executable file name.


First download the newest EnhSim package. Use WinRar, or any other program capable, to extract the package to a directory. To start EnhSim, open your command line. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the package. There you should have enhsim.exe, among other files. Use following command to start EnhSim:

enhsim.exe config.txt

What you did, is you started enhsim.exe and gave it one parameter: config.txt. You always have to provide one parameter to enhsim.exe. The first parameter tells the name of the configuration file.

Calculating EP values

To calculate EP values, give ep parameter to enhsim.exe. Example:

enhsim.exe config.txt ep

Be sure to also read the guide about EP values.

Output file

If you want to have the output saved to a file, give parameter output=outputfilename. Example:

enhsim.exe config.txt output=output.txt


enhsim.exe config.txt ep output=output2.txt

Combatlog output

If you want to output the combatlog, go to the combatlog_version directory in the EnhSim directory. There is a different executable named enhsim_combatlog.exe. Use it the same way as enhsim.exe. Difference is, it outputs combatlog to combatlog.txt. If you want to change the output file's name, use log=combatlogfilename parameter. Example:

enhsim_combatlog.exe config.txt log=log.txt

Using batch files

To make it little easier to use EnhSim, I have provided three batch files:

  • start_ep_calculation.bat
enhsim.exe config.txt ep output=output.txt
  • start_simulation.bat
enhsim.exe config.txt output=output.txt
  • start_simulation_combatlog.bat
combatlog_version\enhsim_combatlog.exe config.txt

Using EnhSimGUI (Windows only)

Read the EnhSimGUI guide.

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