Average AP/SP per abilty

by LevvaLevva, 1242332635|%e %b %Y

Would it be possible to add code to track the average AP and average SP by each ability - possibly only turned on via a pre-processor directive or command line switch.

This would allow show what the average AP was for each each ability over the sim duration. At its simplest it could be implemented as sum(AP)/sum(abilty procs) as you track the proc numbers for each ability and include them in the output.

The benefit of this would be to test the accuracy of my Rawr.Enhance code vs EnhSim. For some reason Spells are coming out around 10% higher damage than in EnhSim and I really don't know why. Knowing the average SP per ability would enable me to see if the figure is wildly different from what Rawr uses as its average.

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