Hard Cycles

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Using the current implementation, it is nearly impossible to specify a hard cycle of abilities. As far as I can tell, it is impossible to specify that you want to use either Lava Lash or a shock every other GCD. As both abilities have a 6 second cooldown, using one every 3 seconds means they never overlap and are used as often as possible, which may be more often than seen when running the sim currently. If you try to set up an optimal rotation where Lava Lash or a shock is used 10 times per minute, you can't, even though the cooldowns should allow for it.

Also, the ability to specify alternate ability priorities during a hard cycle would be useful. As an example, I would like to be able to accurately model the following cycle. Spirit Wolves are only in there for completion's sake, though I know they aren't implemented.

Flame Shock
Lava Lash
Free GCD (priority: Shamanistic Rage, MW4_LB, Spirit Wolves, Lightning Shield, Magma Totem)
Earth Shock
Free GCD (priority: Shamanistic Rage, Magma Totem, MW4_LB, Spirit Wolves, Lightning Shield)
Lava Lash
Earth Shock
Free GCD (priority: Shamanistic Rage, MW4_LB, Spirit Wolves, Lightning Shield, Magma Totem)
Lava Lash
Free GCD (priority: Shamanistic Rage, Spirit Wolves, MW4_LB, Magma Totem, Lightning Shield)

I try to simulate that using the following priority rotation.

rotation_priority_count 8
rotation_priority1 SR
rotation_priority2 FS
rotation_priority3 ES
rotation_priority4 SS
rotation_priority5 LL
rotation_priority6 MW4_LB
rotation_priority7 MT
rotation_priority8 LS

While it is likely that the priority rotation actually gives me better DPS than the hard cycle, I can't tell because I can't specify the hard cycle. The problems with the priority rotation are two fold. First, when using MT, the sim has to choose another ability 1 second later, due to the shortened GCD on totem dropping. This means that if a Lava Lash was next, it still has a 0.5 second cooldown, leading to it skipping that. Shocks and SS will be on cooldown, leading to it choosing MW4_LB or Lightning Shield. This pushes the usage of Lava Lash back by a second, due to the GCD from that ability. Assuming the option to drop Magma Totem when less than x seconds remain on its duration is implemented, the above scenario could happen once every 18 seconds (or 19 seconds, if you add in the extra second generated by the "waste" GCD).

Additionally, the above problem can happen whenever you have a GCD reduction due to spell haste and cast a spell, which can be up to 7 of the 12 GCDs in the rotation. This can cause a significant push back of your rotation, easily leading to 15-20 "wasted" seconds in a 5 minute fight.

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