Ignore Spell Haste GCD reduction option

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For certain rotations, specifically ones that rely on hard CD cycles, having a GCD reduction from spell haste can cause MW_LB's to be used more frequently by the sim than someone would use during actual game play. This can create a significant disparity between simmed DPS and in game DPS if an ability comes off cooldown a slight bit after a haste GCD occurs. The sim will have nothing to do for 0.01 seconds and decide to check the priority queue. Since the next ability is coming off cooldown in 0.01 seconds, the sim can not choose it, and may drop down to a lower priority ability, pushing the usage of the higher priority ability back 1.49 seconds or more.

The option to ignore hasted GCD's would allow the sim to more accurately model fights where a hard rotation can be used, instead of a priority queue.

Similarly, the ability to change the GCD caused by dropping totems from 1 second to 1.5 seconds would also help with hard rotations.

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