Include version number in config.txt & output.txt

by LevvaLevva, 1239747996|%e %b %Y

In order to aid debugging could the output.txt file have a header line saying something like "Output from Enhsim v1.6.8". Similarly when the EnhSimGui saves a text file could it put a similar header eg: # Saved by version 1.6.8 of EnhSimGUI.

The reading of the config file doesn't need to touch this header line as its a comment. It would just make posts here and on EJ a lot easier if we could say "hmmm your config/output file is for v1.6.8 but the latest is v2.5.2 (bit futuristic for emphasis) you really need to update your version before we can comment further." It could help cut down the clueslessness factor :)

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