ItemIDs as valid trinkets, enchants, metagems, totems etc

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Where the config file uses a fixed text name for a trinket, totem, enchant, metagem etc it would be helpful if it could accept the ID as an alternative. This would allow code like ShockAndAwe and Rawr export to write the item ID and thus future proof them against new items/enchants. Thus any new stuff added to wow in future would only rely on it being supported in EnhSim, if the sim supported it then the config file generators would support it.

At present with any new version of the sim that adds new trinkets, enchants, totems or metagems both ShockAndAwe and Rawr.Enhance have to be modified after the event to support the new changes. This creates a period after every change where the versions are out of sync, and will generate unwelcome posts here and on the ShockAndAwe & Rawr.Enhance forums about how its broken after a new version is uploaded.

Config file error handling would be needed as part of this change too, ie: error/warning messages about being unable to understand item ID XXXXX.

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