Statistical measures

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It would be interesting if the DPS for each individual combat segments was recorded and used for statistical analysis of the results. There are several uses for this information.

The most interesting to me would be determining uncertainty and confidence intervals for calculating EP values. It's difficult to determine how long you should be simming for without these types of measures, aside from blindly listening to other people's empirical judgements of 'at least 10000 hours'. Using this data, the sim could output a 99% certainty interval for each EP value, which would give a much better idea of how precise the results are.

Additionally, it would give people a better understanding of how much they can expect their DPS to deviate on a single fight due to random chance. An upper and lower DPS bound, or x% confidence intervals, for a given input would make it less confusing for people when, on a given fight, they have a large deviance from the expected results.

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