Suggestion for Rawr integration

by LevvaLevva, 1237504144|%e %b %Y

Tukez now I have the Rawr.Enhance module exporting the config data in a format suitable for EnhSim I was wondering if you would consider implementing a feature for EnhSimGui. The feature is quite simple - Read config from Clipboard.

This would basically read the clipboard contents and apply it to the currently loaded gui config. This would mean that both Rawr & ShockAndAwe exports would be a whole lot simpler - copy to clipboard in ShockAndAwe or Rawr and click a button in EnhSimGui to import config.

I'd happily modify the exports so that for instance there was a tagline identifier on the first line so you could test the validity of what was in the clipboard from the outset.

The idea is that you could have Rawr & EnhSim side by side - play around with gear in Rawr - click export in Rawr, click import in EnhSimGui - click Run Simulation. Very simple very quick and would allow much faster turn around trying out things in the sim.

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