Talent weight evaluation

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Similar to the method for evaluating the value of particular stats.

This would run a separate analysis on a handful of talents that still seem up in the air. While looking for talent synergies would be nice, I'm more interested in the straightforward evaluation of the DPS increase or decrease associated with a point in a given talent.

This could be implemented as a list of talents with a 0|1 option for performing the check or not. When the check was performed, the sim would add or subtract 1 point in the given talent based on the current allocation but without regard to the maximum number of points used.

Some users would be able to clearly see differences between Reverberation and Call or Flame, or Improved Shields. Seeing a dramatic DPS loss by declining to allocating 1 point in Elemental Focus would be handy too. Though in that last case, the user would have to dig deeper and realize their OOM % is much higher.

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